Eternal Sunshine of the Insane Mind – Kidding S1

"Every pain needs a name." Jeff Pickles is the star of a puppet show loved by millions of children all over the world, called Mr. Pickles' Puppet Time. He had lost one of his sons in a car accident a year ago. Jeff decides to talk about his loss on TV, and he believes that's... Continue Reading →


The tragedy of time – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

In a few months time, David Fincher's drama will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary. I'm a big fan of Forrest Gump, it hits me every time. I love the dramatic plot which rooted in human values, lifelong emotions, and funny anecdotes. The reason why I'm bringing this up because Eric Roth wrote both movies.... Continue Reading →

Inner Demons – Jacob’s Ladder (1990)

Adrian Lyne's movie is hard to watch. It concentrates on a Vietnam War veteran who likely has PTSD. He suffers from nightmares, war-flashbacks and starts to see demonic forms around him more and more often. He is losing his mind. One of his war-buddies reach out to tell him, he's also suffering from the same... Continue Reading →

Trick ‘r treat – Halloween (2018)

"Did he escape?" 40 years. It's hard to find anything more impressing about this new version of Halloween than its film-historical reunion. The original film had started careers, created a horror icon and defined elements of a genre. After that, the franchise's legacy was torn and stained by rubbish sequels and unnecessary explanations, which never... Continue Reading →

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